Video of The Coronavirus Prophecy Spoken March 23, 2019

By Susan Osten

I received the video below, this morning. The Lord warned me yesterday, this was coming. At the time, I didn’t know it was a warning. I saw a GIF, under “Happy Anniversary”. It was my son’s anniversary. I stopped and WONDERED, “What is this kind of GIF doing under “Happy Anniversary?” It was a blue swirling cloud, filled with people and the cloud was sucking up more people, one by one, from the ground. There were thousands of people on the ground shaded in red, but when they were being sucked into the cloud, one by one, their body color was normal. I have looked every where to try and find that GIF, this morning, I couldn’t find anything nowhere near what I saw. This is all God wants me to say. †

This link is a video of The Coronavirus Prophecy Spoken March 23 2019.

In ✝️Christian Love, Susan 0sten