The Holy Spirit – A Serious Biblical Warning

“Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.” Matthew 12:32 (NIV)

This is Jesus himself warning the people of his time, he is telling the people that although they speak against him, he loves them and is willing to forgive them, however he goes on to add that this will most certainly NOT be the case when people blaspheme against the Holy Spirit.

There are only 2 sins in the whole Bible that God says he will not forgive.  The first is blaspheming the Holy Spirit and the next one is accepting the Mark of the Beast as instructed in the Book of Revelations.

Unfortunately this also gets misused a lot, satan uses this often to trick believers and make them feel that they have committed an unpardonable sin and are condemned for ever.  The fact that you even think about this shows that God loves you and has not left you.

This warning applies specifically to the people who know who the Holy Spirit is, know Jesus and still take things for granted and make a mockery of his Holy Spirit  Our gracious God forgives almost anything but takes a few things very seriously and this is one of them.

A sure sign that the Holy Spirit has condemned you and left you, is that you no longer feel guilty when you sin.  You will be able to do the most gruesome and brutal things and feel no remorse, the inner voice or conscience is totally dead.  There are many people who fall into this category, whom you can see in the world today.

Real Life Inspiration

Many years ago, a man of God was offering intercessory prayers for a gathering of people with problems and diseases in a church.  At that time they brought in a lady, considered to be devout and pious.  She was suffering from bronchial asthma for the past thirty years.  The servant of God was touched and really wanted to help her , he prayed for her with tears and great compassion.  While praying God revealed something to him, he abruptly stopped his prayer once he saw this.

He told the lady with anguish “Madam, 30 years ago, a group of workers for Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit came to your town and preached in your street.  But you went around visiting all the houses in your town, one by one, spreading the rumor that those people were filled with evil spirits and they should not be accepted.  With this false propaganda, you drove the gospel team out of your town.  You have committed an unforgivable sin, as it is against the Holy Spirit.  Only from that time, you have been suffering from this terrible disease”.  She broke down and cried and admitted it was true.

This man was no ordinary man, he was a mighty man of God.  He has healed thousands of people in his time, his meetings were known to attract millions of people from across the world.  God himself has told this man that anything he asked for, on behalf of the people out of compassion would be granted.  This man could not intercede successfully when someone knowingly blasphemed the Holy Spirit.

Life Application

  • Be very careful when speaking of the Holy Spirit, do not take for granted God’s love for you.
  • Do not put people at risk by indulging the to mock the Holy Spirit of God.
  • Respect others who are filled with the Holy Spirit and do not slander or speak ill of them.

In † Christian Love, Susan Osten

Resource: The Holy Spirit by Blue Flames