Denominationalism: Permissible or Reprehensible?

I have never read an article like this before, and I bet you haven’t, either! Some of the thoughts expressed within, have never entered my mind. I don’t even know how I ran across this article; but when I read it, I found that it was “Food for Thought.”

I would greatly appreciate some “Feedback” on this article. My email address is as follows:

I understand some hesitancy, on the part of some people, to email me; but I assure you, your Privacy is a Priority! I will never quote you without your permission. I will never disclose your email address, to anyone, for any reason without your approval. Your “Feedback” is IMPORTANT to me; this includes “Feedback” on previous blogs and future blogs. Thank you, for your consideration!

In✝️ His Service, Susan Osten

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