Blessed: divinely or supremely favored; fortunate!

It is not by chance that you are here today; but God’s “Divine Intervention” in your life. “It is powerful, so powerful nothing can stop it. When God stretches forth His hand to deliver, nothing can stop it, or turn it backwards. The size of or determination or strength of your enemy is not a barrier. Simply ask God right now for help in the name of Jesus: trust Him and the miracle will be yours.”

God wants you to know the “TRUTH!” Please trust Him, if only for a few minutes, and click on the following link:

The purpose of this image is to show unbelievers that they're are spiritually blind, and that is why the Bible seems foolish to them. Their eyes will not be opened until they believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
“God will not contribute to your life
what you do not desire…there has to be “calling unto Him.”

In † His Service, Susan Osten

Sources: 10 Characteristics of God’s Divine Intervention, Dr. Charles Olowojoba,, and

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