June’s Prayer

Lord Jesus,

Help us daily, as we do our best, to show Your love to people.

Jesus, if there is something else, you want us to do, besides trying to be a better person, please help us understand, see, and hear clearly.

Please help those who are single, to be patient, in marrying, and give them the faith, to allow God to meet their needs. Jesus, please touch the hearts of those around them, to help them, wherever there is a need.

Jesus, please help us care more for the widows. Send people across their paths to comfort them.

Please keep our families, friends, and neighbors safe from harm, and help them when they face adversity.

Lord, some of us don’t quite understand how it feels to forgive. Help us to forgive all who have hurt us, emotionally and physically.

Jesus, keep and protect our President and his family from harm. Bless and keep our Police Officers, safe as they serve our communities, as some, daily, lay down their lives to protect us.

We praise You, and we love You, Jesus! Amen.

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